We STRIVE TO PRODUCE SOUND efficient, easy doing, docile cattle

Grampians Angus is a genuine commercial, high country property. It provides the ideal testing ground for our cattle and mirrors a lot of the same challenges as our clients.


The genetics we are looking for are; sound, easy doing cows that work in our environment. These cows get tested in the winter, and must be able to convert feed in the summer months into a saleable product.


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Coffee Bean


Ranging from irrigated flat, cultivated downs to improved hill country to native hill and high country.

It is a simple breeding policy

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1 month ago

Grampians Angus
'Constitution isn't a thing, its everything.' Although I would also say that about temperament and fertility, its just that 'doing ability' is the trait being scrutenized at present! Like most cows around the place, our cows are digging deep before calving. Spring can't come soon enough. The old round cow on the right is 13 years old. She was screened into the stud with no pedigree background, just the fact that she had risen to the top in our commercial ranks. She has now had 14 calves recorded, 5 of which were by ET. Even though she was flushed she still had a natural calf the next year and hasn't missed a beat. Due to calve in the first 10 days of calving again and has still a fair bit left in the tank in a very trying autumn/winter. She is a small framed cow with a big engine room, with an average weight of 541kgs at weaning and an average weaning % of 49.7%.To me she is the ultimate hill cow for a system like ours and many hill country properties around the country. She will never beat a high growth animal in the feed lot but will add value to a ewe flock and wean a lot of weight over many years. Interestingly the self replacing index (although it has had some tough scrutiny of late) agrees with me. Hundreds of cows have come and gone from the stud since she was introduced. We will be flushing a handful of cows again this year and even though she doesn't fit the latest Angus NZ PRAC regulations she will be the first on the list! ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Grampians Angus
I know how he feels. I got the snip a few months back myself!We don't usually have teaser bulls but the main reason for getting this bloke done is to put him with the yearling heifers a couple of weeks before mating. From what I've seen, heifers don't seem to be cycling full steam when the bull goes in. Some people believe they need a 'trigger' like ewes benefit from. Others say there is no flushing effect in cattle. What's your thoughts? ... See MoreSee Less
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