We STRIVE TO PRODUCE SOUND efficient, easy doing, docile cattle

Grampians Angus is a genuine commercial, high country property. It provides the ideal testing ground for our cattle and mirrors a lot of the same challenges as our clients.


The genetics we are looking for are; sound, easy doing cows that work in our environment. These cows get tested in the winter, and must be able to convert feed in the summer months into a saleable product.


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Ranging from irrigated flat, cultivated downs to improved hill country to native hill and high country.

It is a simple breeding policy

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1 week ago

Grampians Angus
** Warning: this video will be boring as batshit unless your a cattle nut. **This is our mob of heifers to the bull. It's the average of this mob that is the important thing to us. There are cattle at the top and the bottom but they are similar enough to have a consistent average. The average of our bull crop will breed back to this. There are 90 in the mob which is too many. A third will fall out as they fail their performance tests. On average about 92% will conceive in 2 cycles, (phase 1), some will not rear a live calf, some will rear a poor calf and some will not handle the jandle and be in poor condition themselves. They then will take the bull again with a calf at their side as 2yr olds for 2 cycles. The weeding process continues. Once they have made it to the herd as 3yr olds the next test is being able to cope at the bottom of the pecking order with the matrons. They will winter on native and loose about 100kgs, calve and be exposed to the bull again for two cycles, or be A. I'd. When we pick our donor team they are cows that have had atleast 5 calves, have conceived early each time and there progeny are of value. We are excited to ramp up our embryo program and target these elite, high performance cows. To us this is true Maternal function in an environment that is similar to our clients. Our goal is for our clients to breed longer lasting, fertile robust cows that earn their keep and are profitable in their farming system. In turn this means, less replacements going in, less vulnerable low producing young cows (as a cow does not hit peak production or performance till about 4) and a smaller foot print on the environment. The Angus breed is known for its Maternal attributes, but in my opinion you can't be an expert at everything. The fastest growing, biggest and most valuable steer doesn't translate to the most profitable cow herd. #grampiansangus #nzfarming #angusnz #northcanterbury #hurunui #newzealand #farming #commericalfarmer ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Grampians Angus
Such a good time of year. Off chasing bulls again with the apprentice. ... See MoreSee Less
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by We had an interview with Radio NZ talking about The Grumpy Merino Story and The Grampians. Listen to our interview below



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